Contagious Hope


This is our latest and most exciting project that will be taking place in Kenya.  Did  you know that each month hundreds of babies are being abandoned at birth?  While some babies are being left at hospitals or safe houses, many are being dumped in rivers, public schools and rubbish sites.  Too many babies are dying from exposure, suffocation or starvation.

Child abandonment is a symptom of poverty and hopelessness and often all it would take is a mother knowing where to turn to for help.

Contagious Hope wants to be that place.

We'll be creating more than just an orphanage, we'll be creating new beginnings.  Outside of the building will be a special "box" where the unwanted babies will  be placed.  This box will sound the alarm alerting the 24 hour caregivers that a baby has arrived.  The baby will immediately be taken and the anonymity of the mother will be ensured.

Inside our building will be a bright, safe and loving environment where babies will be kept until a loving home can be found for them.

As you can imagine a project like this take a lot of compassion, dedication and of course finances.  In order to get started we will need $30,000.  We have several examples on how you can give and every penny of  your tax deductible gift counts.  Please consider making your donation today.  You can donate by going to our "How I can help page".


Examples on how your money will be used:

$5.00 for a week of baby wipes

$10.00 for a week of diapers

$15.00 for sheets for every bed

$30.00 for a month of formula

$75.00 for a crib

$____any amount for where it is needed the most.