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Most of here in America struggle daily with their weight (as least I do).  After I lost 50 pounds I tried to think of a way to get others involved and feel good about their selves as well.  I came up with a "Pound for a Pound" idea and have asked gyms and others to join me and it would be great if YOU joined us as well.  If you've thought about losing weight before here's a little incentive:

Once you have decided to lose weight do a weigh in each week (at home, the gym or even at the doctors office).  Email me with your results (gain or lose...we're holding each other accountable).

For every pound that you lose from now until December 1st, I will donate a pound of either flour, rice, beans or potatoes.  The food that is collected will be distributed to those in poverty here in our community during the holidays. We're just going on the honor system here so please no little "white lies".  You can also make it fun by doing some before and after pictures that you wouldn't mind sharing.

If you would like to donate any non-perishable food items please stop by our home office just off of Herndon and Polk.

I'll be doing updates so we can see how much progress is being made and how we've helped out others.

To participate just email me and let me know you're taking part.  GOOD LUCK TO YOU...LET'S GET MOVING!